I am  A variety entertainer from the Netherlands, able perform for an adult or a children’s  audience. Where ever  or  what ever  performing space it doesn’t matter.
The smallest ever was the 6 tatami mat room birthday party with my audience together  in the same room and the biggest was Tokyo Dome on stage in front of at least 50,000 people.

It is possible to take care for the whole party from beginning to the end.
It can be a  1/2 hour party  to a 3 hour party.

For the  1/2 hour  I just do 1 performance.
For  longer parties there are a variety of possibilities how to use the time according
to what the family is looking for.

contents of the  party could be:

face painting
1  or  2  30 minutes shows,  depending  on the age group.
doing the birthday cake  and “original” song together.
sometimes, I take charge